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Microcontroller based system design

UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO PIC MICROCONTROLLER Introduction to PIC Microcontroller–PIC 16C6x and PIC16C7x Architecture–PIC16cxx–- Pipelining - Program Memory considerations – Register File Structure - Instruction Set - Addressing modes – Simple Operations. UNIT II INTERRUPTS AND TIMER PIC micro controller Interrupts- External Interrupts-Interrupt Programming–Loop time subroutine - Timers-Timer Programming– Front panel I/O-Soft Keys– State machines and key switches– Display of Constant and Variable strings. UNIT III PERIPHERALS AND INTERFACING I2C Bus for Peripherals Chip Access– Bus operation-Bus subroutines– Serial EEPROM—Analog to Digital Converter–UART-Baud rate selection–Data handling circuit–Initialization - LCD and keyboard Interfacing -ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing. UNIT IV INTRODUCTION TO ARM PROCESSOR (Text Book 2) ARM Architecture - Chapter 2 ARM programmer’s model - Chapter 2.3 ARM Development tools - Chapter 2.4 Memory Hierarchy - Chapter 10 ARM Assem


Applied Photovoltaics by Stuart R Wenham Textbook of Electrical Technology Volume II by B L Theraja Automatic Control Systems by Benjamin C. Kuo Basic Electrical Engineering by U A Bakshi Battery Technology Handbook by H A Kiehne Computer Methods In Power System Analysis by G W Stagg and A H El Abiad Control of Power Inverters in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Integration by Qing Control System Design by Graham C Goodwin Control System Engineering by Norman S. Nise Digital Control and State Variable Methods by M Gopal Digital Electronics A Practical Approach with VHDL by William Kleitz Digital Fundamentals by Floyd and John Digital Systems Principles and Applications 8th Ed - Ronald Tocci DSP BASED ELECTRICAL DRIVES DSP Based Electromechanical Motion Control by Hamid A Toliyat Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology by John Bird Electrical Energy System Theory by Olle I Elgerd Electrical Engineering Handbook by Richard C Dorf E